Cameron Taylor Cashmere Clothing

Caring for Cashmere

  • Please store in either a plastic bag or box to keep the garment away from moths.
  • Hand wash in luke warm water (350C/95oF) using a quality detergent. Gently squeeze the suds through the garment and rinse. If you should wish to use a washing machine you MUST ensure you put it on a COLD and DELICATE cycle and select the LOWEST SPIN cycle possible.
  • Dry flat on a clean dry towel away from direct sources of heat.
  • NEVER EVER tumble dry!
  • When garment is fully dry, press lightly with a cool iron if needed.
  • For advice please contact or call us on 0131 557 4662

We will not be held responsible for any mistreatment/shrinking of garments while they are in your care.

Tidy up service

If you have recently bought an item and you discover that it has a fault, we will repair the item for you at no extra cost. A fault is classed as an error that was made at the manufacturing stage, this includes seams unravelling.

However, if the item has been damaged whilst in your care (i.e. snags, moth holes etc.) you will be charged £12 for the repair which covers our postage costs. Payments can be made by phoning us on 0131 557 4662.

The refurbishment service includes the removal of all pilling and a good steam. Simply post your garment to us providing your name and contact details, or if you live locally bring it to us at:

Cameron Taylor*
c/o Epitome
35 Dundas Street
United Kingdom