Discover the inspiration behind Cameron Taylor’s new Autumn Winter collection for 2017.

Muted, washed out tones make up the colour palette; creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort for those chilly winter months.

Scottish Heritage influences have helped developed a subtle range of colours.

From soft neutrals to petey greys and browns, ending with elegant navy and charcoal black; every knitwear lover is bound to find a colour they adore.

Raw edges and fashioning are just some of the modern details that assist in creating high-quality, luxury garments which are timeless yet stylish.

Inspired by the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands and considerate fashion, Cameron Taylor A/W 17 collection aims to be your go-to knitwear for this season.

The theme incorporates contemporary shape and modern detailing to give an alternative to Cashmere & Cashmere-Blend classics.


Cameron Taylor Cashmere is available from cameron-taylor.com & epitomeofedinburgh.com  


   A Guide to Cashmere Care

Cashmere is a beautifully fine fibre obtained from goats which requires care and attention even after purchasing. Cameron Taylor* produce a range of high quality luxury Cashmere garments and accessories for the contemporary and curious client. Here is a guide on how best to keep your precious Cashmere looking good as new. 


Washing your Cashmere can seem risky, so be careful and only hand-wash your Cashmere in lukewarm water, around 350 degrees. If your machine has a hand-wash setting, then feel free to place your Cashmere in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, at the lowest temperature.

Swedish skincare brand L:A Bruket have developed a range of fabric detergents which can help maintain your Cashmere’s luxe appearance. Lanolin in the detergent protects and coats fibres, also reducing fabric wear and piling.

L:A Bruket Cashmere Shampoo £24.50 from epitomeofedinburgh.com

 When washing your Cashmere, use L:A Bruket detergent & turn inside out. Using a soft hand, gently squeeze the water through your Cashmere, careful not to twist or wring as this could have an effect on the shape of your knitwear. All ingredients are entirely natural and give your Cashmere a warm aroma of sandalwood, whilst retaining vivid colour and sheen.


 Do not tumble dry! The weight of the water used in the washing process will morph and stretch your Cashmere back into shape whilst air drying. Once hand-washed, lay out flat or roll into a small ball and allow to dry naturally, ensuring that your Cashmere is out of direct sunlight.


 In order to maintain a luxurious handle and appearance, some simple finishing touches to your Cashmere can really make the difference.

 Pilling occurs in fine fibres like Cashmere. Normal wear and tear and washing of your Cashmere can cause some pilling; which appears as small balls of fibres on the fabric surface. High-quality, ultra-fine fibres suffer from this due to the careful manufacturing process and sheer fineness of the fibres.

To reduce pilling, use a fabric comb to brush away at the surface of the Cashmere. This will remove the excess fibre produced as a result of pilling, but be careful and not too heavy-handed.

Fabric combs £3 each available at Epitome of Edinburgh Shop

Once you have de-pilled your fabric, iron inside out with a cool heat setting, placing a damp cloth between your Cashmere and the iron. Give your fabric a light press to finish.


To keep your Cashmere neat, ensure you have a clean and tidy, damp-free space for which you can store your knitwear.

Clothes moths are very attracted to cashmere due to its natural warmth. To prevent the attraction of moths, store your garment in a plastic garment bag or box, on a hanger if you like or folded neatly.

Keep your Cashmere stored away and out of direct sunlight, which can rot fabrics and cause damage. If you can, use acid-free tissue paper to wrap your knitwear.

From left to right: 100% Cashmere Garter Stitch Snood in SMOG £101

L:A Bruket Cashmere & Wool Detergent £24.50

Cameron Taylor Fabric Comb £3

100% Cashmere Plain Roll Neck in SASSO £172


By devoting a small amount of time to the washing, drying and storing processes; your Cashmere can easily maintain a luxurious finish. Cashmere is an investment and the delicate nature of the fibre mean it should be handled with great care.


Dressing for Winter in Scotland (and everywhere else in the Northern hemisphere this time of year) is about layering and accessorising. It pays to be prepared, which means not leaving the house without the follwing three things - a hat, a scarf and a pair of gloves. So take a look at our selection of accessories to find your perfect Winter warmers...

Beanies are essential for those windy days when you need to keep your hair in check and protect your ears from the cold! If you like to wrap up for brisk wintery walks to and from work, or taking the dogs out for a run in the park, get yourself in some stylish headgear to keep the brain freeze at bay…



Choose from our varied collection of scarves to find your perfect fit. From fine knits, chunky knits and hand knits, to plain colours, ribs and multicoloured patterns. Volume is everything this season, so layer up and wrap up with these luxurious cashmere delights!


If you’re looking for something more unusual why not go for a snood or a bib. Some of our hand knitted styles are a bit more exciting than just your average scarf – they’re all knitted in Scotland to the highest quality using a cashmere/merino blend yarn. Light in weight and easy to throw into your handbag, these simple accessories not only layer beautifully under your winter coat, but can also be worn as statement knitwear pieces to compliment any outfit.