We are absolutely in love with 1970s West German Art Vases right now. This period of design actually started in the 1930s and went on right into the 1980s.

Their eccentric shapes and colour combinations, along with those glorious textures and geometric patterns used to decorate them, show how this period was all about experimentation and discovery. They clearly illustrate a newfound sense of freedom and a revolution in the art and design of the time. 

You may have noticed one featured in our SS15 photo shoot…  

They are collected by enthusiasts worldwide, but they can often be found in local charity/junk/antique shops. Great copies as well as the real deal can be picked up for as little as a few pounds. Elegant and stylish, they are especially stunning when displayed in groups…

There were many different factories and independent artisan potters creating these vases over the period, some of the big names include Bay Keramik, Dumler & Breiden, Ruscha,  and Scheurich – varying in size and colour from quite traditional looking, to super pop art styles.